Soy luna season 1 episode 1 english full episode

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Soy luna season 1 episode 1 english full episode

A mysterious person sneaks around the mansion and Gary announces that the Roller is now owned by the Red Sharks. Due to numerous complications we will no longer be hosting full episodes of Soy Luna directly on our site. Alternatively, we have complied a list of other resources where you can watch the telenovela on sites that allow you to upload your own captions.

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Additionally, going forward we will only be focusing on subtitling Season 3 as the majority of you have finished watching the first two seasons through translating the Spanish files as explained in the Netflix tutorial. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause but can guarantee that this will speed up the process in providing subtitles for Season 3. Alfredo is organizing a big party. Sharon meets a dubious man. As this doubles our workload we ask for your patience as we try to get these episodes out for you all as soon as possible.

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Soy Luna Promo (English Dub)

March 25, February 10, 5 Comments. March 2, 6 Comments. February 27, 14 Comments. February 27, 4 Comments. February 24, 11 Comments. Older posts. Newer posts. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel.Episode 2 of season 2 with English subtitles will be posted this weekend, Monday at the latest.

So stay tuned. Pagina's Homepage Season 2 Season 3.

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I've currently translated 15 minutes out of 50 minutes of episode 9. The episode will be posted soon but I can't say when. Be patient with my uploading. I know a lot of people are at home getting bored at this moment and I want to put an extra effort in my uploading so you could have new content to enjoy. But I would also like to say that every episode counts lines worth of dialogue that I have to translate by hand because I don't trust automatic translators.

It takes a while to get it all done. Plus, uploading tends to take hours if I don't want to pay anything. Anyway, stay safe in these dificult times. More importantly, stay at home if you don't need to go anywhere, it's important to keep your loved ones and the weaker groups safe in these times.

Sorry for not being active on here. I needed to find more efficient ways to translate episodes and I eventually found it so you could get episodes quicker. Also, if there's a problem with playing the episodes on this site, don't hesitate to contact me. You can find me on almost all social media with the name mylutteoheart. A new episode will be uploaded soon. The translation for episodes of season 2 are available now. Make sure to check them out.

Soy Luna Season 2 Episode 1.Sign In. Season: 1 2 3. S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. Luna is overwhelmed when she finds a medallion that she had already dreamed of. At the same time, Luna worries about Matteo, because he has completely disappeared from the scene. Will he come back? S2, Ep2. Finally, Matteo comes back, but he has to bring Luna bad news. S2, Ep3. Luna can finally address Matteo, but doubts about Matteo's honesty.

S2, Ep4. Luna doesn't get rid of the feeling that Matteo hid something from her, but she can not penetrate him. Meanwhile, the tension on the next Open is rising, because Luna is not the only one whose head is occupied with other things.

S2, Ep5. In the meantime, Luna's doubts about her true identity grow until Sharon and Rey make an all-changing discovery. S2, Ep6. Luna tries to fathom her past and wants to find out where the ominous sun medallion comes from. When Sharon finds out who Sol Benson really is, she forges a plan with Rey to prevent Luna from experiencing the truth.

S2, Ep7. Sharon's anger at Luna leads to a mistake that could turn her into disaster. S2, Ep8. Sharon loses her mind about what she has found out about Luna, while Nico is annoyed by Jim's trust break. Matteo is now running for the 'Adrenalines', which leads to problems with Luna. And soon there is still a costume party. S2, Ep9. In the meantime, Sharon deliberates to dismiss the Valentes. S2, Ep Lunas and Nina's costumes for the upcoming competition are gone.

At the last minute Mora sews costumes of plastic waste, which are very enthusiastic.

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After the power failure on the train, all the things that could have happened are puzzling. Matteo, however, faces a bigger problem: he must separate from Luna before the feelings become too strong. Santi Owen tells the kids that the Roller is to be closed, which the kids do not want to accept without fighting.It aired on March 14, in Latin America. Luna loves roller skating and is lucky enough to have a part-time job where she can practice her hobby.

But then the new boss of her parents gives an ultimatum: either the family follows her to Buenos Aires, or her parents are fired. Luna has a dream. She is dancing on skates until she loses her necklace and wakes up. Luna tells her mother about her dream, gets dressed, and leaves the house to go to work.

They are all on their phones. She tells Luna that if she is late again, she will be fired. Luna then hums the melody from her dream until the boss interrupts her, and gears her up to make a delivery. Luna returns from her delivery, and is greeted by the entire staff clapping.

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The boss tells her she delivered the food in good time. She continues by saying she is scared of Luna in the street, but Miguel tells her there is nothing to worry about.

Rey walks in, and informs them that Sharon is almost ready for the meal, which is promptly delivered by the maid to the dinner table. Miguels offers to order Foodger Wheels, which she happily agrees to. Rey tries to convince her out of it, but is shut down when Sharon tells him that it is her money, and that she can do whatever she wants with it. Matteo heads for her house, but is rammed into by a skating Luna. They joke around for a little, and then Luna continues on with the delivery.

Matteo dives into the pool and saves Luna, although in the process, Luna losses her necklace. Luna realizes she is without her necklace and starts to panic. Rey comes outside, explains that he heard a scream, and asks for the story as well.

She also tells them about her dirty pullover due to Luna spilling the milkshake. Miguel comes into the kitchen and informs Luna that he can't find her necklace. Luna, distraught, tells him not to worry, and it is just like in her dream where she loses her necklace. Luna tells them that her story, her past is with them. Luna then hurries off to change clothing and head back to work, hoping that she will be able to explain her situation to her boss. They reject the offer, which Rey then doubles, and triples.

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Season: 1 2 3. S3, Ep1. Error: please try again. Alfredo is organizing a big party. Sharon meets a dubious man.

soy luna season 1 episode 1 english full episode

S3, Ep2. Emilia's presence worries the friends. A mysterious person sneaks through the villa.

soy luna season 1 episode 1 english full episode

Gary announces that the runway is now owned by the Red Sharks. S3, Ep3. Juliana will train the Red Sharks. Nina doesn't know what to write about.

Soy Luna - Season 2 Episode 41 - Luna and Matteo kiss (English)

Matteo can't stop thinking about Luna. Rey visits the villa. S3, Ep4. Luna rejects Gary's offer. Rey apologizes and asks for his old job. S3, Ep5.

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Benicio succeeds in joining the Red Sharks. Luna tells Nina about her feelings for Simon and Matteo hears it. S3, Ep6. Luna rejects Matteo. Rey introduces the perfect maid, but she's a spy. Matteo announces that his time in the Roller team is over.

S3, Ep7. Ramiro joins the Red Sharks and Yam breaks up with him. S3, Ep8. Matteo doesn't want to sing with Emilia and receives another offer. S3, Ep9. Luna has a nightmare related to Sharon's room.

The guys from the Roller Band want Matteo to sing with them. S3, Ep Nina gets an unexpected visit. Eric says the rose is not his. Alfredo gives Rey the oversight of his finances. Luna asks Nina to record a video. Rey suspects Maggie. Ana helps Alfredo with legal issues. Sharon has a plan.Someone else is already translating season 1 so it's no use that I'm going to do it as well. You're welcome and I will continue with it but sadly, it won't be anytime soon.

Thank you im so happy i found your page! You're welcome and I'm glad to hear that. There won't be any new episodes for a while but I'm hoping that by the end of next week, I can upload a new episode. I'm so happy to hear you say this. I will continue, it's just going to take some time. Well, it's best to do this on the computer since it's hard to open links like these on a phone but normally, with the computer, you just click on it and that should do it.

I used my computer to watch the files and it said that I need to download the player, vlc, which I did.

soy luna season 1 episode 1 english full episode

However, it still doesn't work. How do you watch the files? I'm not an expert at this stuff but I believe that you have to open the episode in vlc and when it's opened, there are several options in the left corner above and one of them is subtitles and all you have to do is click on that option and then you have the option of adding a subtitle file and then it should normally appear automatically.

So you have to download the episode of that file first and than everything should be fine. If it still doesn't work or you need help with anything else, just tell me and I'll help as much as I can. I try downloading the file and then vlc will pop up and it will load on the side of the app. However, it will state that no camera video is here or it won't show up. Thanks for your help, though. I'm sorry for the late response, I've been dealing with a lot lately but I guess if it doesn't work with vlc maybe you can download free software where you can just add the srt file to the episode and you can just watch it then.

Hoewever, I only know one that is completely free which is the one I'm using for season 2 episodes. You do have to make sure that the files of the subs and the episode have the same name and are in the same folder or else you won't be able to add the subtitles and you do get a watermark on the episode but I'm not sure if you're okay with it.

But this is the only other way I know how to watch episodes with subtitles for free. When are you going to post another episode? Btw thank you soooo much for doing this because i love soy luna and here where i live i can't watch season 2 and 3.

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I'm sorry for answering so late but I won't be posting for a while now because I have some personal things that I need to focus on first so I can't really focus on this site for a while but I do hope I can deal with it soon enough. Not sure, I've taken a break from everything and I'm slowly going to back to doing those stuff but it takes time to get everything back on schedule.

Hey, I planned to release a new episode on november 9th, I had some technical issues to deal with but all should be fine now. I will post more episodes and I'm planning on posting all of season 2 but I have other projects on the side so it's going to take a while before everything is uploaded, but this week, episode 8 will be posted.

I'm working on it, but be patient, I have lots of projects on my hand but my plan is to upload it this week. Hi, well my goal is to post an episode each week but it's been hard since I have lots of other projects I'm working on and that need more time than I thought.

I can't say if episode 9 will be out this week but next week at the latest. Ahhh I want to know when episode 9 is going to be out!The first season of the musical drama television series Soy Luna premiered on Disney Channel Latin America on March 14,and concluded on May 6, This season consists of 80 episodes.

The show was broadcast from Monday to Friday at pm Argentine time. It stars Karol Sevilla as Luna Valente — A teenager with great talent in music and in skating who wants to become a world star, with Ruggero PasquarelliValentina Zenereand Michael Ronda as the titular characters.

The season recorded a total of 2. The first season of the series was made available on Netflix on March 1, Luna Valente Karol Sevilla is happy for the life above her skates. Just like any girl her age, she lives with her family, goes to school and has her group of friends.

In addition, she has a job as a distributor at a fast food restaurant. Her life takes an unexpected turn when her parents receive a proposal impossible to refuse: overnight, the Valente family must leave their beloved home and move to another country.

Luna must adapt to a new life, new friends and a new school, where she finds a world of luxury and elite that she has little to do with. Luna takes refuge in her skates and, thanks to them, discovers a track of skating that offers a new universe on wheels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Soy Luna season 1 Soy Luna season 1 promotional poster. See also: List of Soy Luna episodes. Estereofonica in Spanish. April 12, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved 28 September Retrieved June 28, Archived from the original on 28 September Meltyfan in Spanish. Archived from the original on June 11, Retrieved June 7, Categories : Argentine television seasons.

soy luna season 1 episode 1 english full episode

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